Welcome to a Scottish World of Golf.

I dabbled a bit with golf as a child and again a few years back but never got into to it properly until the summer of 2014. A lot happened that year and that was one of the few positive things in my life that I will continue to enjoy for years to come. Here I will explore various topics all related to golf which, coming from very much an average club player, will be of interest to others out there like me who have been hopelessly smitten by this wonderful but incredibly frustrating sport.

For the posts in chronological order see the recent posts/ archive sections on the RHS of the screen >>>

Most posts are tagged, you will also find a tag cloud over there too >>>

As the site grows, I will give it more structure and navigation tools but for the time being you should be able to find everything relatively easily.

Please get in touch with any ideas for the blog, suggestions, feedback etc:

1 Response to Welcome to a Scottish World of Golf.

  1. Yeah, that track on Soundcloud has nothing to do with golf, I just love it so thought I’d put it on my website.


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