The gowf

I’ve just posted my first golf related bog article so I thought I should probably just clarify a wee bit about what my intentions are with this blog.

I am very much an average club player. However there are many thousands like me in Scotland so I will just be writing about my everyday experiences related to golf which I hope others like me can relate to.

In no particular order, these are some of the things I plan to discuss:

  • Golf courses– thoughts and opinions
  • My journey to work on that (so far unofficial) handicap
  • Equipment – and I do not mean the latest reviews. Rather, things like “what is your favourite putter style?”
  • The mental game
  • General golf related experiences
  • Some golf movie reviews
  • Maybe some history surrounding the game – I am after all Scottish
  • Reviews of some golf related smartphone apps. I am an Android user but I will see if I can’t get an iPhone friend to help out as well

What it most definitely won’t be is a news site- I do not keep up with who is winning what tournaments anywhere near enough to write about that side of the game.

It will take time to build a reasonable body of work but I will be adding reasonably frequently to the site (a couple of times a week is the plan right now – maybe more in the summer when I am playing more often and have more to talk about).

And of course, I am open to suggestions! Please leave any ideas you have for topics in the comments. Likewise, if you would like to contribute to the site please get in touch, either via one of the comments box or by the contact form on the front page.

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