We got apps!

In one of my earliest posts I stated that one of the things I planned to write about was golf related apps – a pretty modern innovation which as far as I can gather has made many items like SkyCaddie not far off obsolete. I mean, most of us now carry around pretty advanced mini computers in the guise of so called smart phones, with built in GPS.

I have already talked about my brief experience with a new boy on the scene, Hole 19 Golf. In order to get an idea of what was out there, I did a bit of Googling and came across a few other key Android apps currently available. The consensus I came across seemed to suggest that these three were the main players:

In addition, I saw reference to Golfshot quite a bit and last summer I randomly chose to use Golf Pad when I set out to play golf again.

(I am referring to, and will use myself, the Android version of these apps as I am an Andriod user. If any reader who uses iPhone would like to contribute to these articles on these apps, iOS versions, or indeed any other iPhone golf apps, please get in touch, either by the contact page or the comments at the foot of this page.)

So, here is one of my home screens on my phone tonight:

Home screen

Over the coming weeks, I am going to experiment and try out/ revisit all these different applications for posts for the blog. Once I have used them all enough to have a strong enough opinion, I may even rank them and talk about my favourite(s).

One point which may be quite relevant is that (to my knowledge, please correct me if I’m wrong), only FreeCaddie and Swing by Swing support smart watches so far (both run with the Sony Smartwatch SW2). These may seem like a small point but to me it might be the clinching factor.

I personally am not so keen on keeping my phone in my pocket and pulling it out, having to unlock the screen each time, at every shot. I have been having a scour around on Ebay and it looks like you could probably get a second hand Sony for around the £50 mark, which could well make the pairing of that with an app on your phone (which stays out of site and harm in your bag pocket) the preferred choice for a rangefinder.

Weather allowing, I am hoping to get out this Saturday (7/3/15) so will get the next app review written this weekend – which one will it be??

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