Watch this space…

I haven’t written anything recently as I have been laid up with a pretty nasty, evil, mutant viral infection for nearly the last week – it has been all I have been capable of to just get on with absolutely necessary daily stuff such as take my daughter to nursery (and I haven’t even managed that everytime).

So, golf has definitely not been on the cards and even writing about it has felt daunting.

However, I do know feel I have turned the corner and I anticipate a return to normal health in the fairly soon future. And, outside the weather is starting to look like the Spring we areĀ supposed to be experiencing (officially according to the calendar) from this Friday.

With these in mind, I will get posting again soon – I also need to get some writing out of my new assistant Greg to continue to build the site’s body of content.

Please bear with me and watch this space for more posts soon!

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