Funky Bob’s Green N Clean towel

Twitter is wonderful – I love it for many reasons but probably mostly due to the people you “meet” there. I have come across things/ ideas/ arguments/ information etc etc on Twitter that would most likely never have come to my attention otherwise.

The Green N Clean golf towel is one of those things.

When I set up this website I initially used my personal Twitter account to publicise it. I had a modest following of about 350 at the time and I tried to solicit a few retweets from others with more impressive figures.

(You’ll note it is the old URL, I have since moved to a “proper” one.”

But, I thought, if I’m going to do this I really need a dedicated Twitter account. So, A Scottish World of Golf was born on Twitter and I duly started following golf related accounts. I can’t remember who followed who first but I quickly hooked up Colin at Funky Bob’s who produces the Green N Clean golf towels.

A few days later and my very own GNC arrived in the post:

Like all ideas, the GNC’s unique selling point is a delightfully simple one. You clip it on your belt and you have a retractable mini towel instantly at your fingertips the entire time you are on the course:

I didn’t get the chance to try it out for a while due to shitey weather and an even shiteier viral infection that seemed to linger for the whole of March…

But, yesterday I played a round with the GNC duly clipped to my belt and it was really cool. From being something I hadn’t really given much thought, I now want to have a clean ball all the time! Especially at this time of year when a lot of courses will still be rather muddy, it is an exceptionally handy little accessory.

The main idea is that at the green most club golfers are not likely to bother to mark and pick up their ball and then make their way back to their bag to grab a towel to wipe it and I agree – it is something I don’t think I ever did.

But, more than just that, I found simply having a towel at hand all the time I was wiping the ball far more than I ever would normally, even when standing near my bag. This has obvious benefits for putting more truly but I also found my balls being shiny and white made them much easier to locate in the rough! (A predicament I sadly find myself in all too often.)

There are a lot of gimmicky golf accessories out there that promise to fix all your golfing ails. This little towel does not claim to fix your slice or make you a master putter. It sets out to do one thing – keep your ball clean – and it does it very well. A big thumbs up for a simple but extremely effective idea!

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