…not perfect yet, but…

At the start of the week, I wrote about a spot of practice I had been engaging in.

Well, the golfing gods have been smiling on me somewhat. We have had six evenings in a row rain free and a sunset time of after 8pm (up to 8:15 tonight). So, I have been popping down to my local course every evening this week – I am just back in from tonight’s activity.

I got myself one of these from Sports Direct the other day and it has really helped with this twilight practice sessions:

I have probably spent about half the time on these practices (I get about 40 mins each night before darkness descends) on short chips from around the edge of the green. I have been told many times that it is one of the most effective ways to improve your scores.

I would have to concur.

Also today (this afternoon to be precise) I played a round of actual (not practice) golf – well technically half a round as it is a 9 hole course.

The 9th hole at Maybole golf course is a 143 yard par 3.

The tee is elevated, looking down at a reasonably large green, protected by a few bunkers.

What you can’t see is that the area to the front right of the green is a little hollow, about 2 or 3 yards vertically lower than the green surface. Guess where my tee shot ended up? Yip, in said hollow.

The pin today was just behind the front right bunker so I was only maybe about 15 yards away from the pin. I took out the pitching wedge and lined up my shot. The chip landed about 4 feet from the hole and I sank the putt to save par.

Perhaps nothing too dramatic in the bigger picture but it was a nice way to end the round (it was in fact my first par of the round – I wasn’t doing too well today…) and it felt like some reward for the time spent out on the course these last few evenings.

I have probably hit about 200 short range chipping shots this week – with both my pitching wedge and my 56 degree wedge- and it does feel to me at least that my touch is improving to a certain extent. In previous rounds I could all too easily not have chipped it as closely to the pin and missed the par putt. Today I didn’t.

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