Piperdam Golf – The Wee Piper Course

I was recently in Dundee on family business and found myself with a couple of hours “me time”. Naturally my golf clubs were in the back of the car so I thought I would get out and enjoy a nice spring east coast morning. Despite staying in a hotel right next to it, my window of opportunity wasn’t quite long enough to get round Camperdown Park so I popped on to Tee Off Times to check out other options.

A quick search turned up Piperdam Golf & Leisure Resort which was a few miles down the road.

In addition to their regular 18 hole course, they had a 9 holer which seemed to be ideal as I had about 2 1/2 hours before I had to pick up the family. I booked it and then went on to the Piperdam website to discover that it was in fact a par 3 course! Not quite what I had intended but given my ongoing struggles with my driver, perhaps a nice wee change. (I also discovered that the green fee I had paid on Tee Off Times was exactly the same as the club was quoting on its website so just proves that TOT is not necessarily the cheapest option – it is still convenient to search for courses in one place though.)

According to the website, Piperdam Wee Piper course is “A superb nine hole par three golf courses that plays host to Scotland’s National Par 3 Championship each year.” which certainly sounded good! Looking at the scorecard I could see at least two holes which would be “challenging” for me to reach with my tee shot (1st – 201 yards and 4th at 197) so I knew it was not going to be a round of pitch and putt or anything!

Upon arrival, I found the starter’s office and checked in. The staff were friendly and helpfully directed me to the first. The facilities looked good but I did’t investigate as I had had a full cooked breakfast and had a large bottle of water in my bag so was good to go.

The course seemed in really nice condition – maybe the east coast hadn’t had the atrociously wet winter we had suffered on the west? The first couple of holes play away from the clubhouse along next to a wee burn. (Speaking of water, the first hole on the full 18 hole Osprey course looks pretty cool with a tee shot over part of the loch / reservoir (?) that the resort is named for.) This is the view from the second tee:

Most of the holes have little or any fairways – as you would expect on a par 3 course – but the greens are fairly large.

There are quite a number of bunkers guarding said greens though so accuracy is important. This is the 3rd I think:

Just imagine nine holes like this and you get the idea with the Wee Piper course. Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but it met my needs on that April Saturday morning when I had a couple of hours to spare but not enough to play a “proper” round. It is a good quality 9 hole par 3 course which is fine if that is what you are looking for. To be honest if I ever play there again I would be much more interested in playing the full 18 Osprey course.

The only real complaint I had is a bit of a random once. As can be seen in the photo above, a lot of tees (all of them?) had little ball cleaners. They were clearly not used / serviced regularly as the couple that I tried to use were all rusty and spat out my balls all browny orange!

The location of Piperdam is pretty cool – the Wee Piper course climbs up a hill away from the clubhouse which offers views over to the Tay:

and back towards the clubhouse:

So, it is a really nice wee par 3 course – if this is what you are looking for you will not be disappointed with the quality of the Piperdam Wee Piper course.

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