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Gailes Golf

Gailes Golf: Leisure to give it its full name is a 9 hole course that sits alongside a hotel and leisure complex on the outskirts of the North Ayrshire town Irvine. There is a branch of the chain American Golf … Continue reading

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Piperdam Golf – The Wee Piper Course

I was recently in Dundee on family business and found myself with a couple of hours “me time”. Naturally my golf clubs were in the back of the car so I thought I would get out and enjoy a nice … Continue reading

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Hole 19 – Android Wear version

I have previously used Hole 19 as a combined rangefinder and score keeper and although I liked a lot about it, it didn’t quite win me over as my preferred golf app. (That award currently goes to Golf Pad.) However, … Continue reading

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Golf, it’s the 21st century FFS…

***Rant klaxon*** Today I had a sharp reminder that the world of golf is still mostly populated by middle class, middle aged white men with all the stuffiness and bullshit that goes with that pretty conservative territory. I will not … Continue reading

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World Golf Tour

Inspired ┬áby last week’s Open (note to American readers, The Open, not the “British” Open), I felt like a round or two on the Old Course. Clearly this is not the most straightforward of endeavours. (Although it should be noted … Continue reading

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Golf memorabilia auction

Since starting this blog I have come across many different golf related products. Recently I received an email about an auction in golf memorabilia which will be held on July 15, 2015, at 7:30pm BST, and live online bidding will … Continue reading

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Dougalston golf course

This week, the Scottish World of Golf team had a round at Greg’s “home” course. (He is a member there but doesn’t live so locally these days – Barhsaw Park is literally out his backdoor.) Dougalston golf course is now … Continue reading

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